Birds a bycatch for dumped fishing tackle - MPNEWS

2023-01-09 20:38:26 By : Ms. Wendy Wang

THE distressing sight of two seabirds tangled in discarded fishing line at Mornington pier last week has prompted calls for fishers to be more responsible.

Wildlife Victoria says entanglement of birds and wildlife in discarded fishing lines, plastic bags and rubbish is an “all-too-common” occurrence in Victoria. Fishing Scale

Birds a bycatch for dumped fishing tackle - MPNEWS

Hundreds of entanglements are reported to Wildlife Victoria every year, with hooks often caught in birds’ mouths or throats, which can lead to infections, abscesses, and starvation. Wildlife Victoria also sees birds’ feet entangled in fishing line, restricting their mobility, and causing them to become easy prey for other animals.

A peninsula-based wildlife carer said carelessly disposed of fishing line caused devastating injuries to birds and animals, as well as damaged the environment.

“I don’t understand how anybody could actually discard of their fishing line into the environment, it’s so irresponsible and shows no regard for this beautiful place we live in.”

The Victorian Fishing Authority has guidelines for fishers to prevent this kind of environmental damage and is calling on fishers to dispose of old fishing line and fishing waste responsibly. If there are no bins provided, fishers must take fishing waste home, cut it up and dispose of it in domestic waste.                             

First published in the Mornington News – 10 January 2023

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Birds a bycatch for dumped fishing tackle - MPNEWS

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